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I will be offering author services, Some will be free and some paid. Part of my goal for this feature is helping Indie Authors. Book Reviews I plan to always offer for free. Please read through the entire page or service you are after before submitting a request.



I offer book reviews for free. If you are interested in having me read and review your book, Please read over my Review Policy to find out more information about my reviews, what my review will contain, preferred genres and formats, what to include in your Email, and how to contact me.


If you are looking for someone to beta read your book and give you feedback on it, I’d be happy to help. If you would like to know more about how I can help Beta Read for you, you can check out some of my reviews to get a bit of an idea.

NOTE: I usually offer free Beta Reading but due to time restraints and my current financial status, a small payment of AU$25-$50 would be very much appreciated, I will work within your budget. you’re book will get a detailed and thorough read through and feedback. I only accept payments through PayPal.

What is Beta Reading:

A beta reader is a reader who offers critique and feedback on a finished manuscript, on aspects of the craft such as pacing, plot, character development, grammar, sentence structure, etc., so you can adjust it before you set it loose on the world.

Preferred Genres:

I am open to any genre, but these are the one’s I’ll most likely accept.

  • Middle Grade: Adventure, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Historical Fiction, Mystery – I love Children’s and Middle Grade books. This is the type of books I fell in love with from the beginning and they will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Young Adult: Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retellings, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Historical Fiction.
  • New Adult: Contemporary, Fantasy, LGBTQ+.
  • Adult: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

General Terms and Conditions:

I do not guarantee the acceptance of every request. A rejection is not a personal bias against you or your work.

I will require at least 2-4 weeks to read your manuscript. I will read every word of your manuscript at least once, and provide a 1-3 page report with feedback on all the issues I noticed with quotations and explanations, as well as suggestions for how to fix it. I will also mention the things that work well within the manuscript. This will be sent to you through Google Docs, but please do let me know if you would like it sent another way instead.

If you require feedback on your manuscript within a specific time period, please provide that information along with your request. If you require certain feedback or there are certain parts of the book you would like me to take more notice of, please provide/state that information along with your request.

Following the completion of my Beta reading, you will be sent a feedback form to provide an honest evaluation of my services including constructive criticism, if any. You will also be given the chance to give me a testimonial, this is all I ask in exchange for my feedback, and this will still be optional.

In your message, briefly outline the following:

  • A description of your manuscript – what it’s about (without giving too much away, of course), the genre and word count
  • Which Format you will be sending it to me in, If I were to accept
  • What you’re looking for in terms of feedback, turnaround time etc.
  • You also need to provide instructions or guidelines for the kind of feedback you’re looking for. This will help to ensure that you’ll get detailed, specific, useful feedback.
  • Your guidelines should outline the specific aspects of your manuscript you would like me to focus on.

This might include things like:

  • Character consistency
  • Emotions and reactions within the story
  • Flow and plot development
  • Chapter beginning and ending critiques and overall story critique.
  • I will track all input so you may know what my thoughts are in that specific area.
  • Whether a particular character arc works or doesn’t work
  • Whether particular scenes or sections are necessary or superfluous
  • Whether world-building or setting is detailed and authentic
  • Whether the pacing is too slow/too fast
  • Whether there are any plot holes or inconsistencies
  • Character development
  • Dialogues and Readability
  • Overall impression

I will:

  • Provide a 1-3 page report with feedback on all the issues I noticed with quotations and explanations, as well as suggestions for how to fix it.
  • Send you a feedback form to provide an honest evaluation of my services including constructive criticism, if any.
  • Always provide honest feedback: about the good and the bad of your book.
  • Always meet the deadline I am given. So once I agree to a timeline, I will try my hardest to meet it.
  • If I am unable to meet the deadline,  always let the author know about the delay.
  • Respect the Author’s Guidelines. If you require certain feedback, I would really appreciate if you could state that with your request.
  • Try to provide a fresh, objective view of your manuscript.
  • Help you to realise your vision for the story.
  • Do my best to help you figure out what type and tone of story your going for, and shape my comments to help you figure out where your falling short of your vision.
  • Read your story from the perspective of a reader, not an editor.  This means I don’t look for things like specific grammar errors but I will point out if I noticed a significant number of mistakes.
  • Offer constructive criticism about characterization, dialogue, pacing, and look for plot inconsistencies.
  • Offer ideas on how to improve the story.
  • Try to work within your time frame or give you a reasonable estimate as to how long the job will take me.
  • Provide this in-depth criticism in a written document.

I will not:

  • Withhold feedback from the author and then trash it in an online review after it’s released.
  • Negatively review a book I’ve beta read without reading the final version to see if the issues were resolved.
  • Try to impose my vision onto the author’s work.
  • Plagiarise or share/expose confidential details of your work before you’re ready.
  • Publicly post the feedback that I offer.  Beta Reading is different from a Public Review.
  • Offer suggestions that take away your “voice” as an author.
  • Attempt to rewrite your work for you.
  • Copy edit or proofread your story. That is not what a Beta Reader does.
  • Coddle you. Authors need honest, objective feedback. See examples of my Reviews.

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me at:

If you need editing and would like to work with me, please view my editing services below. When you are ready, contact me at the Email above and tell me about your novel.

Please include: 

Subject: Editing Services
Author Name:
Synopsis of your novel:
Exact word count of your manuscript:
Genre of your novel:
What service(s) you are interested in:
If you are not sure which level of editing your manuscript needs. I would be happy to provide my recommendation.

SENSIVITY READING (Free for Limited Time)

Current Status: I am open to non-urgent requests for sensitivity reading services.

Please read the entirety of this page before submitting a request or question.

If you read my blog, you know I care about books, and about diverse representation in those books. I also believe that writers can and will create characters outside their own experiences, not only for their own benefit but in service of a more realistic story that shows a variety of people with different backgrounds and identities, like people have in the real world. To that end, I’m offering my services as a sensitivity reader. Prices and more info are below. (Currently Free for Limited Time.)

What’s a Sensitivity Reader?

A sensitivity reader is a person you hire to read your novel manuscript (or short story, article, screenplay, etc…) and give you feedback on representation issues, based on their perspective as a member of the community in question. This is generally applied to diversity issues (race, sexuality, etc.) but you might also ask someone to give feedback based on their experiences working in a given profession or living in a certain area.


Hire Me As Your Sensitivity Reader! I’m now offering my services as a Sensitivity Reader for YA fiction projects. I’m taking expressions of interest for projects.  I have a number of areas of expertise, but it would be impossible to offer an exhaustive description of all of them and their extents. Below is a basic outline of topics/issues/identities I’m familiar with.

What I can read for (ie: my identities):

LGBTQ+ characters, specifically Pansexual, Bisexual & Lesbian, Genderfluid/Non-Binary

Mental Illness – Anxiety – specifically Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks sometimes manifesting as OCD tendencies. Depression, Including Self-harm, Suicide. Although, please mention if there might be potential triggers, or explicate scenes relating to this.

Aside from reading for issues that are close to home for me, I will do a general sensitivity read for other types of problematic content that I see based on my knowledge. However, my knowledge and familiarity with certain identities are limited by my lack of first-hand personal experience. After I receive your request, we can discuss in greater detail what elements I am or am not comfortable giving feedback on and whether you should seek out an additional or alternative sensitivity reader for an aspect of your manuscript.

What I Read:

Middle Grade & Young Adult: Adventure, Fantasy, Contemporary, Fairy Tale Retellings, LGBTQIA+, Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Horror. If your book does not fit in these genres, or you’re not sure, you can contact me about it, and I might still accept.

No erotica, but as for anything else. Give it a shot. I’m not super picky about genre or target age as long as the premise interests me. I’m also more concerned about accuracy of representation. I believe that representation in books is important.

Pricing: (Free for Limited Time)

Prices are comparatively low, because I know people aren’t rich, If you feel you have a special case due to length or some other reason, feel free to email me and ask. I’m also very happy to get questions and read scenes.

The minimum Price for Children’s & Middle Grade is $50 for a high level overall read on a manuscript. The minimum for a Young Adult manuscript is $85. For New Adult & Adult the minimum is $150

I accept Paypal (you can arrange this with me in the initial email exchange). Payment must be received beforehand — this way you know I’ll do a good job because I don’t have to wonder if I’ll get paid for it!

In some circumstances, I would offer a reduced rate! We can discuss this further in the Email Exchange. This reduced rate is not applicable to a story containing anything with suicide or suicidal ideation. I would like a reason for why you need this reduced rate. But I’m not meaning to be harsh or demanding, if you genuinely can’t afford this and you’re nice, I’ll give it to you easily.

Accepted reasons: Unemployment. Student. Proof will be needed. If you can provide proof, you may be able to get a reduced rate, depending on the manuscript’s content.

Reasons that will not be accepted: You think it’s too expensive or that I’m undeserving of the rate set because of discriminatory reasons such as race, sex, age, sexuality, and things of that nature.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

In general, I expect full payment prior to the rendering of services. Exceptions can be made if you have financial difficulties that prevent you from paying a large sum up front, in which case we can develop a payment schedule that accommodates your needs. In the case of scheduled payments, I will read the manuscript in chunks whose word count is proportional to how much money is paid at the time of payment.

Payment is nonrefundable, unless for some reason I am unable to complete the sensitivity reading, in which case I will prorate the original payment amount based on how far I have gotten through the manuscript, using the rate from the original payment calculation, and refund you the difference for the portion that I did not complete.

Privacy Terms and Conditions:

My agreement to serve as a sensitivity reader does not constitute an endorsement of your work, a defence against criticism of your work, or a guarantee that your work is free of any and all biases.

I will not disclose any information regarding your manuscript to anyone but pre-approved parties prior to its final publication. After publication, I reserve the right to criticize the text of the finished copy.

As it pertains to the above: If my sensitivity reading requires me to consult someone else with similar expertise (e.g. a family member) for clarification or a second opinion, I will request your explicit permission before discussing it with the person I consult and will not reveal your identity to them.

Should your manuscript be published, you may include my name in your acknowledgements.

Request Follow-Up:

You can expect a response to your request with an acceptance or rejection within 3-5 business days, I do try to respond within 24 hours though. If I have not responded, you may send a message to me to ask about the status of your request. 

If I think your manuscript and areas of focus for sensitivity reading are a good fit for me, I will discuss pricing and payment options with you. Once we agree upon the payment amount, I can sign any non-disclosure agreement you have, if you have one. As soon as I receive the payment, I will begin the sensitivity reading.

If I reject your request, I will clearly state the reasoning behind it. Understand that rejection is not any statement against your manuscript. More likely than not, it has to do with my personal preferences and comfort zones.

Feedback and Testimonials

Following the completion of my sensitivity reading, I will ask you to fill out a feedback form and provide an honest and fair evaluation of my services and any constructive criticism you have to offer. You will also have the option to write a testimonial that I will post here on my site for public viewing.

Basically, my job is to locate bias in the work and suggest ways to fix it. While I can point out problematic elements or suggest edits/rewrites, I cannot fix it for you. You have to be the one to do the work.

Please note: you will have some level of problematic elements in your story. No one is free of privilege and bias. We all make mistakes, and my job is to catch all I can in your manuscript and suggest possible solutions. That doesn’t guarantee I’ll catch everything (after all, I have my own privilege and bias to contend with) but I’ll do my best.


SAMPLE EDIT (FREE) – This is for writers who are uncertain about whether my editing style is a right fit for you. I will edit the first two pages of your manuscript, free of charge!

COPYEDITING ($0.001/Word) – Copyediting is also known as Basic Editing and Proofreading. This type of editing is the simplest form that goes over punctuation, spelling, basic facts, and basic syntax like clarity, coherency, consistency and correctness. This is the form of editing that is usually done last to a manuscript after a few rounds of heavy editing.

PROOFREADING ($0.0008/Word), $25 minimum – Proofreading will make your piece look clean and polished. I will go through the edited manuscript with a fine-tooth comb looking for any grammatical mistakes, typos or punctuation errors that might have slipped through the cracks of copyediting.


I thought I would also mention this here, but I also have an Etsy Shop, where I can do Custom Bookmarks and Candles, and once your book has been published, if you would like a way to promote and advertise your Book, you can head over to my Shop and request a custom made Bookmark or Email me and we can work something out. If I agree, I will keep you updated and you will get 1 revision, if you would like anything change. I will list this on my Etsy for a limited time, and post it on my Instagram. You will be able to purchase the listing yourself on my Etsy, if you would like. Or you can pay through Paypal just to have me create the item and use it to advertise for your book. We can work out a price for my time in the Exchange.

Payment Options: 
-Full Payment Now Option
Payment will be done through Paypal 

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me at:

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