Learning the Classics Reading Challenge 2022

I’m doing something new this year and hosting my first ever Reading Challenge. Learning the Classics will be a year-long reading challenge in which participants are encouraged to read the classics. I know I’m starting this halfway through the year, but I just thought of this idea and I didn’t really want to wait until next year. So think of this as a test run.

The Idea is to explore the classics by reading at least 1 each month (or more; it’ll be your choice on how many you read) from the chosen author. So each month an author will be chosen (You can participate in this too by leaving a recommended author in the comments), and the goal is to read 1 or more books (or other work) by that author within that timeframe. Therefore each month will be focused on a different writer. You can jump into this challenge anytime during the year.

At the end of each month I’ll announce the author we’ll be reading so you’ll have some time to gather the necessary books if you need to. This is pretty low-key so there’s not too many rules. You can read in any format you choose whether that’s paperback, eBook, audiobook, etc. Short Stories, Poetry and Plays DO count. There is no page limit either. You can check back to this post for updates. Besides posting every month, updates will be added here. We’ll start in July and our first author will be Jane Austen. I don’t read a lot of classics and I’ve never actually read any of Austen’s work.

Here’s the list of the authors for each month, I’ll add to it after the monthly announcements:

July: Jane Austen
Review: Poems

August: Oscar Wilde


Let me know in the comments if you are planning on participating (please link to your sign up post in the comments too), or if you would like to recommend an author. There will also be separate posts discussing each of the authors works if you are struggling with what to read.

2 thoughts on “Learning the Classics Reading Challenge 2022

  1. Jane Austen is a great choice 🙂 I’m a basic bitch, so I love Pride and Prejudice. As far as classics to recommend, I have a ton! Okay: George Elliot, Chinua Achebe, Joseph Conrad, Mary Shelley, and Franz Kafka. I especially recommend Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. That has to be the most brilliant work of fiction I’ve ever read.

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