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#MangaMadnessReadathon Round 8 TBR

Today, I’m coming to you to share my #MangaMadnessReadathon TBR. This round will be running from November 2nd – 10th. If you would like to join you can read the Announcement and all the information HERE. I’ll be doing the Bingo Board again this round, although, I do have some other options for if I finish the Bingo Board quite early.

Award Winning Manga – InuYasha Volume 8
Food, Music, Art – Bakuman Volume 7
Non-Human Main Character – InuYasha Volume 9
Drama, Action, Adventure – InuYasha Volume 10
Fantasy or Paranormal – InuYasha Volume 11

Mystery, Thriller, Psychological – Karneval Volume 3
Horror, Demons, Vampires – InuYasha Volume 12
First Work by your Favourite Manga Artist – Prism Palette by Peach-Pit
Character Transported to another World – InuYasha Volume 13
Takes Place Outside of Japan, but in the Real World – Magi: Sinbad Volume 1

Folklore/Mythology – InuYasha Volume 14
Animal Companion – InuYasha Volume 15
Manga of your Choice – InuYasha Volume 16
Angels – Asterisk Volume 1
Character Who Transforms – InuYasha Volume 17

Male Lead – InuYasha Volume 18
Female Lead – InuYasha Volume 19
One Word Title – Bakuman Volume 8
Name in Title – InuYasha Volume 20
LGBTQ+ – Hitorijime My Hero Volume 3

Two Installments – InuYasha Volume 21 & 22
Meaning to Read – Tales of Zestiria Volume 4
Adapted to Live Action – Bakuman Volume 9
Adapted to Anime or Video Game – InuYasha Volume 23
Not Adapted in any way – The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 7

Other Potential Reads:

Bakuman Volumes 10-20
Bloom into You Volume 7

Bonus Challenge: Light Novels

Will you be joining? Have you figured out your TBR? What will you be reading? Let me know in the Comments! You can also find more about this Readathon on the Official Twitter page.

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