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#MangaMadnessReadathon Round 8 Announcement

I am coming to you today with the Announcement for the next Manga Madness Readathon Round which will run from November 2nd-10th and you’ll be able to use #MangaMadnessReadathon to share your progress, TBR, and Updates, if you decide to join. This will be the last round for this year. The sign up post is at the bottom of this post. There will be prizes again this round so keep reading to find out what they’ll be.

Bingo Board

There are 25 Challenges to complete, although you don’t have to complete all of them, but you can if you want to, and it will take the form of a Bingo Board, all the have to do is complete at least one Bingo, but if you would like to try for a Blackout and complete the entire board, Good Luck. There will be different option for those who aren’t too fond of Bingo Boards though so everyone can participate. This can be a easy or difficult as you would like it to be, you set the level, if you enjoy a challenge, or even if you prefer a more low-key readathon. I will also link some of my Recommendation posts below if you are unsure on what to read. Anyway, here’s the Bingo Board:

After reading said Manga/Volume during the readathon, you will be able to cross that square off of your BINGO sheet. Also, If you don’t want to do the Bingo Challenges, you don’t have to. You can still participate even if you decide that you don’t want to do those challenges. As long as you’re reading Manga and you’re having fun, it counts. And there’s no limit to how much you read, you could read 1 volume or 50 volumes, as long as you read something. The main goal is to just have fun.

These three Different Options you’ll be able to choose from if you don’t want to do the bingo board are:

Option 1: Bingo Board Challenges 
Option 2: Read anything you want 
Option 3: Stick to one Series. For those of you who want to continue or Finish a series and not switch between different series!

On the sign up post you will also have the option to mix up any of these options or even do a mix of all the options.

Instagram Photo Challenge

Instagram Photo Challenge is returning again this year as I love seeing your photos for this, and if you would like you can also post this on Twitter, or just on Twitter if you don’t use Instagram, just make sure to use the hashtag so I can see them.

Manga Recommendations

If you’re unsure what to read I have a few posts you can check out where I recommended some of the Manga/Anime that I’ve read/Watched, you can also check out some of my Manga Reviews HERE

Manga Madness Readathon Round 7 Recommendation
Manga Series I’ve Read from Start to Finish – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Bonus Challenges

Also returning this year is the Anime Bonus Challenge which you can read all about below and the Light Novel Bonus Challenge. Both of these are Optional but if completed, you’ll be eligible to win a prize. I’ve recently bought a new LN that I’m hoping to read for this round.


Prizes will be returning again this round. All prizes are made by me and Available in my Etsy Shop, which can be found HERE. If you win a prize you will be able to choose which Bookmark you would like. There’s very limited stock as these are clearance items. If I announce that you’ve won a prize, please DM me within 24 hours to claim one these bookmarks. Anyway, these are the Bookmarks you will be able to win.

Official Readathon Bookmark - 4 colours to choose from
One Piece Usopp Bookmark
Cardcaptor Sakura Happiness Bookmark
One Piece Nami Bookmark
Cardcaptor Sakura World Bookmark
Black Butler Alois Bookmark
Black Butler Elizabeth Bookmark
Pandora Hearts Bookmark

How to Win a Prize

And here’s the criteria you need to complete to win any of these Prizes. There are lots of ways to be eligible for a prize so anyone can win something – Just make sure you Sign Up below.

These are fairly easy, so anyone can win a prize no matter what option you choose. Anyway, if you chose the Bingo Board Option you can win a prize if you reach your first bingo and a second prize if you get a Blackout and complete to entire Bingo Board.

If you just want to Stick to a series throughout the entire readathon, you will be eligible to win a prize when you finish the entire series, and every series after that if you finish more than one, If you choose to read more than one series or a second series!

And for the read anything option, I wanted to give everyone a chance to win something so every 10 volumes will give you the chance to win something, so please do let me know if you reach 10 volumes!

Any of these will still go if you chose to do a mix of options, as long as you complete any of these! All prizes will be sent after the readathon finishes!

Sign Up:

The readathon will mostly be taking place on Twitter but you can write a blog post about the readathon and your progress or post on Instagram. Anywhere you want to basically, just don’t forget to fill in the sign-up form so I can keep track of who’s participating and how many of you are participating! You can find the sign-up form here.

Will you be taking part in this readathon? Any suggestions or improvements you can think of? Feel free to let me know in the Comments, or on Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see around on social media using the #MangaMadnessReadathon so I can see all your posts and progress throughout the readathon! If you are participating: GOOD LUCK!!!!

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