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Manga Madness Readathon Round 7 Wrap Up (#MangaMadnessReadathon)

I hosted the 7th Round of #MangaMadnessReadathon between August 3rd – 11th and read 60 Volumes – 57 Manga Volumes, and 3 Light Novels so this is my Wrap up and everything I read during the week:

I got a Blackout and completed the entire Bingo Board. I only ended up changing one Volume, other than that I stuck to my TBR, which never usually happens.

Award Winning Manga – Fairy Tail Volume 30
Manga About Food, Music, or Art – Angel Beats Volume 6
Non Human Main Character – Angel Beats Volume 7
Drama, Action, or Adventure – Fairy Tail Volume 31
Fantasy or Paranormal – Fairy Tail Volume 32

Mystery, Thriller, or Psychological – Karneval Volume 2
Horror, Demons, or Vampire – Inuyasha Volume 5
First Work by Favourite Manga Author – Magician by Hiro Mashima
Character is transported to another world – Kyo Kara Moah Volume 4
Takes place outside of Japan, but in the real world – Black Butler Volume 2

Centered are Folklore & Mythology – Fairy Tail Volume 33
Manga that Features an Animal Companion – Fairy Tail Volume 34
Manga of your Choice – Fairy Tail Volume 35
Manga that features Angels – Angel Beats Volume Volume 8
Main Character who Transforms – InuYasha Volume 6

Manga with a Male Lead Character – Fairy Tail Volume 36
Manga with a Female Lead Character – Fairy Tail Volume 37
One Word Title – Bakuman Volume 5 
A Character who identifies as LGBT+ – Sasaki to Miyano Volume 5
A Manga with a Name in the Title – InuYasha Volume 7

Read Two Installments from the same Series – Fairy Tail Volume 38-39
A Manga you’ve been meaning to read – Black Butler Volume 1
Been Adapted to Live Action – Bakuman Volume 6
Been Adapted to Anime or Video Game – Fairy Tail Volume 40
Has not been Adapted in any way – Demon Prince of Momochi House 4

I completed my Bingo Board earlier than I expected and these are the extra volume I read:

Fairy Tail Volumes 41-63
Angel Beats Original Comics One Shot
Angel Beats: Heaven’s Door Volumes 9-11
Demon Prince of Momochi House Volumes 5 & 6
Nise x Koi Boyfriend
Kiss Shite Yowamushi-kun
Idol-kun Does Not Know Love

I also completed the Bonus Challenge to Read a Light Novel by reading:

My Youth Romantic Comedy is wrong, as I expected Volume 1 & 2
Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at 16 Volume 1

This was the first time I’ve actually read a Light Novel, and I really enjoyed the ones I read, I would love to read more, please let me know if you have any recommendations on ones you think I would be interested in.

That’s all for this Wrap Up, I really enjoyed everything I read so this was a great round, this is the most Manga that I’ve read during this readathon and Probably the only round so far where I’ve actually loved everything I read. I had so much fun Hosting this again, and therefore I do plan on hosting another round in November, last round for this year. Let me know if you’re interested in another round in November!