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Etsy Shop Update – New Blog – 20/04/2019

Just a quick Update for Today, I will no longer be posting these Etsy Updates on this Blog, but if you’re interested in following Shop Updates, please follow me over at Drink Coffee and Read Books Gift Shop Blog! All updates and Product Releases will be announced on there, that will also include any sales or special events happening for my shop. If you’ve been reading these updates, thank you so much!

On another note, I will hopefully be posting on here more regularly, and doing TBR’s and Wrap Up’s again, and some other fun posts I have planned. I’m really sorry I haven’t been blogging as regularly, life has been extremely hectic lately, at this point I don’t think It’s going to calm done any time soon, but I’ll try to make more time to blog.

It would be very much appreciated though if you could check out my Etsy Shop, there’s a huge Variety of Bookmarks and Candles (and Wax Melts coming soon) that might interest you. If you have a subscription box and would be interested in adding my products, please Convo me on Etsy, or Email me at, I always try to respond within 24 Hours, and will be able to provide you with a discount code to bulk buy, depending on quantity needed.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for what I should add or what you would like to see in my shop, Convo/Email me, I’m always open for suggestions. And If you would like a custom order, I will work with you and do my best to provide you with what you would like, if it is reasonable, of course

Thank you for Reading! I hope to see you over on my other Blog!

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