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100 Days of Anime Challenge – Day 2 – Favourite Anime you’ve watched so far – 17/02/2019

This is a really tough one! If I had to choose I would say One Piece, mostly because this has been one of my favourites for a long time, it would have to be the Longest Anime that I’ve watched. I don’t watch it very often now, as I preferred it before the 2 year time skip, but I still love this series, I’ve been watching it for years, back when it was done by 4Kids, then I started watching the funimation dub, which is so much better than the 4Kids version.

I always find myself comparing the Anime to the Manga with the ones that I’ve read – this is a really bad habit – and compared to the manga the anime series are not as good, but I think that with One Piece I love that it doesn’t change too much compared to the Manga, even after reading that I still love the anime, I haven’t changed my opinion of it at all. I believe this will always be one of my favourites.

What’s your Favourite Anime? Let me know in the Comments!