Manga Madness Readathon TBR (#MangaMadnessReadathon)

Manga Madness Readathonn (2)

From August 10th – 18th, I’m hosting the Third Round of Manga Madness Readathon, If you’re Interested in participating check out the Announcement and Sign up post, if you are planning on participating, check out the Recommendations  from round 1 if you need help finding something to read for some of the challenges, I’ve covered most of the challenges there with some suggestions. Or you could check out Manga Series I’ve Read from Start to Finish for more suggestions.

Anyway this is my TBR, I’ve Chosen Option 3: Stick to One Series. I have the Ouran High School Host Club Box Set, so I’ll be reading through that series, but I’ll also be listing some other options for when I finish that one.

Chat With Me

That’s it for this post! I will be tweeting and hosting reading Sprints on the official twitter account @MMReadathon. If you are participating – tag #MangaMadnessReadathon   and @MMReadathon throughout the readathon! Will you be Participating? What will you be reading? Don’t forget to tag me in your posts & TBR’s so I can see them all and Sign Up HERE.

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