Manga Review: Tokyo Mew Mew by Mia Ikumi (Omnibus 3; Volume 5, 6, 7)

Tokyo Mew Mew by Mia Ikumi (Omnibus 1; Volume 1 & 2) (2)

12526140Tokyo Mew Mew by Mia Ikumi
Published By: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: December 20th 2011
Genres: Manga, Shojo, Fantasy
Pages: 368
Rating: 3 Stars
Date Read: February 2018
Links: Goodreads

Tokyo Mew Mew – the crime-fighting collection of girls imbued with the power of cat DNA  – face their greatest battle ever to save their beloved city of Tokyo. Arch-villian Deep Blue reveals a startling secret, and Ichigo and Masaya reveal their true feelings to each other. Will they survive long enough to celebrate their love? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to Tokyo Mew Mew! This omnibus edition contains volumes 5, 6, and 7 of Tokyo Mew Mew!

Includes special extras after the story!

I didn’t dislike it this series. But I also definitely didn’t love it. I wanted to, though, and thought I would like it more. Sadly, I didn’t. I did like the story, and the character’s weren’t too bad. I wanted to read to the end, to see how it all wrapped up. I think the Anime is done better than the manga, though. The characters are given more time to develop, especially the minor characters. It also seems less immature, and more cute magic-girl.

Volume 5:

The Mew Mews and the Blue Knight have defeated the giant cocoon at the top of Tokyo Tower, but there is not a moment to celebrate since their victory only marks the beginning of the end of the world.

We know that Tokyo Mew Mew got their powers from being infused with the DNA of Red Data animals, but what we don’t know is how the Blue Knight came to be. Such seemingly trivial matters can’t concern Ichigo just as long as she has the love of her life as an ally.

As someone, who watched the anime first, I would really loved it if the other Mew Mews were more developed. There’s no real chemistry between Ichigo and Masaya, at least to me. I think mostly, though, it was very one-dimensional. There wasn’t any real development or reasons or chemistry. It was very surface-level, all the way through the series.

The other Mews were pretty much ignored for the entire series. They were given no development, very-little-to-no background, and seemed pretty much useless without Ichigo during the fighting. The fight scenes were hard to follow, too.

Volume 6:

In this volume, the girls of Cafe Mew Mew must destroy a dome that Kish and his friends have built over Tokyo. Along the way they discover the true identity of the Blue Knight.

The story in this volume was super action-packed and I mean it as a good thing. Some revelations were made and there was a plot twist, although I did see it coming, so it was quite predictable, I predicted the plot twist, but it was still good. Ichigo finally learns the Identity of the Blue Knight!

Volume 7:

The crime-fighting crew is back once and for all to save Tokyo from utter destruction! Find out in this last exciting volume if the gutsy girls can reclaim their beloved city. When super villain Deep Blue reveals a shocking secret, will Ichigo give up her life to save her one and only true love? Don’t miss out on the party of the century when the Mew Mews throw a big bash to celebrate Masaya and Ichigo’s pledge of eternal love! 

The last volume of the Tokyo Mew Mew series keeps what was good about the previous one: cute characters, cute art, a cute romance, and a decent plotline. The cliffhanger from the previous volume is resolved nicely, in a way that’s true to the characters. The only thing that I wasn’t wild about was the mock-wedding.

With that said, this was intense, and the best volume by far, this was one of my Favourite Volumes, this one and Volume 6. It definitely pushes up my enjoyment of the series. But, the ending just didn’t do it for me. Seemed too rushed and had a lot of loose ends. But the story progression was good.

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  1. Hey!!
    Thank you for linking up again!! It really makes me happy when i see you! 💖💖
    Where do you usually read ur mangas? Did you get this one as a hard copy or online?

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    • Your Welcome, Its been fun linking up every week! 😊 I usually read them Online. I do prefer hard copies, but can’t really afford them at the moment. But I’m hoping to eventually buy the Hard Copies of them and most of the others that I’ve read online!

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      • Awesome! I’m doing the same thing. Not to mention that I don’t have any shelving space anymore. Plus I tend to read a bunch of volumes at the same time so buying would be the reason why I’d go bankrupt. I think that if I do go to buy manga I’ll get my absolute favorites only. I normally use an app, what site do u go to?


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