Review: Stancliffe’s Hotel by Charlotte Bronte

Stancliffe's Hotel by Charlote Bronte

stancliffe's hotelStancliffe’s Hotel by Charlotte Bronte
Published By: Little Black Classics
Publication Date: 2016 (first published 2003)            
Genres: Classics, Fiction
Format: Paperback
Pages: 111
Rating: 2 Stars
Date Read: September 9th, 2017
Links: Goodreads | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble | Booktopia

These witty, racy vignettes set in Charlotte Brontë’s imaginary kingdom of Angria feature rakish dandies, high-society courtesans and the dashing hero Zamorna.

The blurb of this tiny novella describes it as a ‘witty romp’ and I feel like that suits it really well. This is some of Bronte’s earlier work and I’ve heard that it’s not some of her most mature or well-developed classics but it’s fun.

This is a little collection of stories that Charlotte Brontë wrote in her teenage years. They were fun but the collection made me wish for something more detailed and well constructed.

There was no real plotting or content. Admittedly, this was put to paper long before her first work saw print. If you’re a die-hard Bronte fan, or you’re just curious about her writing style, or maybe you’re intent on reading all of these Penguin Little Black Classics, go ahead and give this a go.

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That’s it for this review! Have you read this book? If so, What did you think of it? Is it on your TBR? Have you read any of the Little Black Classics? Which Ones? Are you planning on Reading all the Little Black Classics? Tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree with any of this. I’d love to know your opinion.

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