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January 2018 TBR (#JanJamJar, #Winterbibib, #24in48)

October TBR (7)

January Jam Jar (#JanJamJar)

(Monday, January 1st – Wednesday, January 31)

I’ll be participating in January Jam Jar, hosted by Kathy @ Book & Munches! I’m really looking forward to doing this. This is right up my alley. I have a TBR Jar, but I rarely use it, as I’m more of a mood reader, so It will be a great opportunity to use it more! TBR jars are great! They’re quite easy to obtain and don’t cost a lot of money and you can even make them yourself! And above all, they save you from the trouble of deciding what to read next.

You just write the books on your TBR down, put them in the jar, choose one at random and voila! You have your next read. Obviously I didn’t get to read all the books I had planned to in 2017, as I have all my TBR books in my Jar, I’m going to choose out 8 TBR books I own & 8 ARC’S/Review Books, and put them in Separate Jar. There are a lot of books that I was so eager for and did not end up reading. It’s a bit of a challenge because I am a mood reader and rarely like reading randomly, so let’s see!



Biannual Bibliothon (#Winterbibib)

(Saturday, January 20th – Friday, January 26th)

The Biannual Bibliothon is a week long readathon hosted by a group of YA booktubers. Throughout the week there are reading challenges, blog challenges, video challenges, and Instagram challenges you can participate in.

Like most readathons, the Biannual Bibliothon has reading challenges you can participate in throughout the week. Since the readathon is seven days long, there are seven reading challenges you can participate in, but of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to. For this readathon you’re allowed to double up on challenges, but no more than two challenges per book.

The reading challenges are:

  1. Read the group book: Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  2. Read a sequel – The Last Place by Michael Adams
  3. Read a book you’ve never heard of before – The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
  4. Read a book about mental illness – 10 Things I can see from here by Carrie Mac
  5. Read a book that was mentioned in another book/movie/tv show – Death Note Volume 2
  6. Read a book under 200 pages – A Modern Detective by Edgar Allan Poe
  7. Read a backlist title

24in48 (#24in48)

(Saturday, January 27th – Sunday, January 28th)

The 24 in 48 readathon is happening again. I have participated in this readathon once before and really enjoyed setting out time for reading. This time I am going to attempt to complete an Audiobook as well as having Manga, physical and e-books.

Basically, the 24in48 Readathon is really simple – all participants have to do is read 24 hours in a 48 hour time period. There are no challenges and no other requirements! This is basically just focusing on you setting aside some time from 12:01am on Saturday morning until 11:59pm on Sunday night to read. You can read for a full 24 straight hours, perhaps 12 hours each day, or any which way you want. If you’d like to learn more and sign up, just go HERE. You can also follow along on Twitter @24in48readathon.


Randomathon (#Randomathon)

(Saturday, January 27th – Wednesday, January 31th)

Chat With Me

That’s it for now! If I find any other read-a-thons/Reading Challenges for January, I’ll add them here. You can also check out my Manga Madness Read-a-thon TBR. Are you Participating in January Jam Jar? Have you read any of these books? If so, What did you think of them? Are they also on your TBR? Let me know in the Comments.

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