2018 Reading & Blogging Goals



I hope you had tons of fun last night celebrating the new year. Now, Onto the actual post. I love lists. Like I really love lists. Making them, crossing things off, all of it. Seeing what I’ve accomplished is just so satisfying and truly a great motivator. And it’s that time of the year again to start thinking about a list of goals for myself as a reader and Blogger!

I don’t always write all my goals down, some just float around my head throughout the year. Most change, sometimes I add more, sometimes I take a few off. That’s the beauty of goals. I don’t HAVE to reach them and they’re as flexible as I’m willing to be because I’m not setting them for anyone but myself.

1. Read 250 Books. in 2017, I read 180 Books, which was the most I’ve ever read in a year. This might be a bit of a stretch, but this year, I’d like to try for 250 books. Just a classic Goodreads Reading Challenge!

2. Finish 10 Series I’ve started. Like last year, I also aim to finish at least 10 series that I have started. The series must be started before 2018. I have quite a few series that I’ve started but left unfinished which I keep swearing I’ll finish and it keeps… not happening.

3. Read 12 Classics. Last Year, I read 11 Classics, I was only one of from this goal. I think I could do better with this one this year. I think I can do better in 2018!

4. Read 100 books from the books I own. The books must have been bought before 2018.

5. Stop Buying Books and not reading them. In 2018 I’m going to be trying something a bit different. Any books that I get, I will be trying to read them within 3 months of buying/receiving them. As well as reading books from my TBR that I’ve had for longer than 1 year.

6. Read More Adult Books. I tend to read mostly YA than adult books but in 2018 I’d like to read more adult books than in 2017.

7. Read more #OwnVoices & Diverse Books. I actually I already read pretty diversely, and I did really well with this one in 2017, but I’ll try to do even better.

8. Read more books set in Australia or by Australian Authors. As an Australian I do not read enough book by Australian Authors, or Set in Australia. Last year, I read about 7 books by Australian Authors. I feel like I made more of an effort  with this one last year,but I do think I could improve the number I read next year.

9. Read more ARC’s/Review Copies. The Review Copies have suffered this past year, but I found that I was less stressed when I was more focused on reading what I felt like reading at the time then deadlines. But I think 2018 will be my year for Review Copies, and to get those numbers down. I have an ARC addiction. No, really. I have a spreadsheet dedicated to my ARCs, and if you saw the number of ARCs I have that I haven’t reviewed yet, it’s genuinely shameful. I want to work towards reading and reviewing a lot of them, catching up on the backlogged ones I have, and building myself up with publicists so I stand a better chance of approval when I request the ones I really want.

10. Read more Poetry. I used to read poetry all the time, but it’s been a while and I miss it. I stopped reading Poetry because I ran out of ones to read, after I read all the poetry by my favourite Poets – Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Rimbaud, and Oscar Wilde – I lost interest in reading it. I will be starting the new year with reading Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. If you have any poetry Recommendations, Let me know in the Comments!

11. Reduce my Review turnaround time to two Months or under.

12. Get an Auto Approval on NetGalley. For those of you who are not familiar with NetGalley, it’s a site that brings together reviewers and publishers. The reviewers request books and the publishers can either approve or deny the request.  If they approve then the reviewer can read the book and provide feedback. When a publisher Auto Approves a reviewer that means they can download any book that publisher has on the site without waiting for approval. It’s a big deal in the NetGalley world if you get Auto Approved.

13. Read one New Release each Month. Consequently, the pile is growing and growing. Still, I want to stay in touch with new releases even when there are so many older books that I really want to read. So, I’ll try to buy and read one new book release each month.

14. Review more books. When I first started blogging, I posted so many reviews. And whilst I still always have multiple books on the go, I’m definitely a slow reader and don’t have as many reviews up as I would like. Next year, I want to try and rectify that by regularly having a book review scheduled for perhaps once a week.

15. Increase my Netgalley Ratio to 80%. I made some progress in getting my NetGalley feedback ratio from up by the end of 2017 but I do still have a lot of books sitting on my shelf. My aim is therefore to maintain an 80%+ ratio but also to reduce the number of books on my shelf. I would instigate a request ban but I’m a realist so instead I’m committing to request no more than I read and review in a month.

16. Hit 500 Followers. I’ve almost hit 300 Followers. So assuming I continue working hard and producing content,I would like to think this is a doable goal. Seriously thank you so much for joining me and Following my Blog! It honestly means the world to me that you like to read what I write. I never believed people would actually enjoy my drivel and I’m still a bit in awe if I’m honest. This year, I would love to hit 500 Followers, if you could follow my Blog, Share my Posts around, and help me get to 500 Followers, it would honestly mean so much to me.

17. Host a Successful Read-a-thon. In 2018 I’ll be hosting my very first Read-a-thon, Manga Madness Read-a-thon (#MangaMadnessReadathon). If you’re interested reading Manga for a week, join me in this read-a-thon. Help me complete this Goal and make this a Successful read-a-thon, you can follow the official Twitter page, @MMReadathon.

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So these are my reading/Blogging plans for 2018! I’m looking forward to the new year! Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining me in 2017! Here’s to an even better 2018!

Do you set goals for your reading/blogging? What are your Reading & blogging goals for 2018? What are you planning on reading in the new year? Any new projects you are excited to begin? Let me know in the Comments.

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2 Responses to 2018 Reading & Blogging Goals

  1. Happy New Year! These are all great goals! I really would love to finish more series this year as well.


  2. Wow 250 Books is an amazing goal! I don’t think I would ever have time for that though 🙂 your 2018 goals all seem great – I hope you achieve all of them. Good luck.
    ~ A


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