30 Books in 30 Days Week 3 Update – September 2017


Another Late Update, but today I’m here with another update on how I’m doing  with this challenge so far. I have read Six books this week.

Day 15 – Friday, September 15th

7:30 PM Just came back from seeing IT at the cinema again for the second time, so I’m yet to do any reading, I actually really love this movie.

11:40 PM – My only reading today happened from about 10 pm so I didn’t get that much reading done today. But I did read 22 Pages of Mrs. Dalloway’s Party by Virginia Woolf, which is the Companion book to Mrs Dalloway.

Pages Read Today:
– Mrs. Dalloway’s Party – 22
22 pages
Total Pages Read: 

# of Books Read:

Day 16 – Saturday, September 16th

1:55 AM – I started reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater and read 37 Pages before going to sleep.

5:40 PM – I Just got home from Hiking to Garden Island with my Mum. And I have a really bad headache, so I don’t know how much reading I’ll get done or If I’ll be able to manage any reading at all.

11:45 PM – My headache is gone. I managed to read the last 35 pages of Mrs Dalloway’s Party and another 28 pages of Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Pages Read Today:
– Mrs. Dalloway’s Party – 35
– Blue Lily, Lily Blue – 65
100 pages
Total Pages Read: 

# of Books Read:

Day 17 – Sunday, September 17th

10:45 AM – I got a good amount of reading done this time of Blue Lily, Lily with 52 pages before going to sleep. I’m moving along quickly and I hopefully will be done with this book soon.

11:30 PM – Charged up with coffee, I continued reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue and managed another 131 pages. I’m really loving this book. I love the characters in this book! They are great!

Pages Read Today:
– Blue Lily, Lily Blue – 183
183 pages
Total Pages Read: 
# of Books Read:

Day 18 – Monday, September 18th

2:40 PM – After waking up at 9:40 am I Charged up with coffee,  and I finished reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue, with 81 pages. It seems each book in this series focuses on one of the characters. In this one, the focus is on Blue Sargent. This is the best part of this series, the characters. If not for the characters, I think I would pass on this series. But I have to admit I’m hooked. I need to know what’s going to happen to them next.

7:05 PM – I decided to Listen to the Audiobook to Red Queen and read 53 pages. Then I picked up Antisocial and read 47 pages of that

11:00 PM – The I Suck at Readathons Read-a-thon started today, two of the challenges are to read 10 pages a day and read for 20 minutes a day. So I read 16 pages of The Stolen White Elephant by Mark Twain. This a funny collection of witty, silly stories. I also started reading The Penultimate Peril for 20 Minutes and managed 22 pages.

Pages Read Today:
– Blue Lily, Lily Blue – 81

– Red Queen – 53
– Antisocial – 47
– The Stolen White Elephant – 16
– The Penultimate Peril – 22

219 pages
Total Pages Read:
# of Books Read:

Day 19 – Tuesday, September 19th

10:40 PM – After Listening to another 118 pages of Red Queen and finishing it, I’m about to head out to the Library.

1:30 PM – Just got back from the Library, where I picked up some books. I sat in there for a bit and read Tokyo Ghoul Volume 10, with 216 pages.

11:20 PM – And then I finished reading Antisocial (47 pages). If you want to see more of my thoughts on that, check out my review.

Pages Read Today:
– Red Queen – 118
– Antisocial – 47
– Tokyo Ghoul Volume 10 – 216
381 pages
Total Pages Read:
# of Books Read:

Day 20 – Wednesday, September 20th

10:00 AM – Before going to sleep, I read 10 pages of The Stolen White Elephant and 20 pages of The Penultimate Peril.

12:30 PM – I then read Another 10 pages of The Stolen White Elephant after waking up. Its really well written. I Haven’t read anything by Mark Twain before this, but I’m looking forward to add more of his works to my list.

3:00 PM – I then decided to start read Harvest Moon by Tonya Coffey, and read 44 pages. This is the First book in the A New World series  I received a eBook of this book by the Author ages ago and still haven’t read it yet. So far I’m enjoying it. I love the premise, It’s really interesting and intriguing.

5:40 PM – I read another 44 pages of The Penultimate Peril and so far I’d have to say this is probably my Favourite book in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

10:00 PM – And Then I decided to listen to the Tashi Audiobook by Anna Fienberg and read about 512 pages. This Audiobooks contains all 16 books in the Tashi series. Even though this is a children’s book series, this is a lot of to read/ listen to. Tashi is Jack’s new friend, and he comes from a place very far away. He has had many exciting adventures, and every day he shares one of them with Jack.

11:30 PM – I didn’t do anymore reading after 10pm, I had an Allergy-related sinus headache due to having hay fever that kept me from focusing for long. But I’m extremely happy with amount that I did read.

Pages Read Today:
– The Stolen White Elephant – 20
– Harvest Moon – 44

– The Penultimate Peril – 64
– Tashi – 512
640 pages
Total Pages Read:

# of Books Read:

Day 21: Thursday, September 21st

10:00 AM – I recently bought The Bane Chronicles Audiobook from Book Depository and it came today! I really love this book and I’m so excited to reread it but on Audio.


12:30 PM – Then I read 10 pages of The Stolen White Elephant and 38 pages of The Penultimate Peril.

5:00 PM – I then read 35 pages of Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda. The book is 8 short fantasy stories about a heroic trio – a blacksmith’s son, a wild and brash forest girl and a palace guard – trying to save the land of Deltora from the evil Shadow Lord. This is actually a reread for me, I read these as a kid. When I decided to reread this series I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore as this was a childhood favourite, but I’m enjoying it a lot.

11:59 PM – I also finished listening to the Tashi Audiobook and I really enjoyed it.

Pages Read Today:
– The Stolen White Elephant – 10
– Deltora Quest – 35
– The Penultimate Peril – 38
– Tashi – 512
595 pages
Total Pages Read:
# of Books Read:

So here are the books I read during Week 3:

Chat With Me

Have you read any of these book? What did you think of them? Are any of these on your TBR? Let me know in the Comments.

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