24 Hour Read-a-thon

24 HourRead-a-thon.png

Since this month I’m doing the 30 Books in 30 Days Challenge, and I’m a little behind, I decided to do my own 24 hour read- a-thon this Wednesday. I don’t think I’ll be reading for the full 24 hours as I cannot read on no Sleep, so I’ll just be reading in my Waking hours.

I decided to start at 10 AM, Shut off all social Media & distractions and concentrate on reading. So I will be starting at 10 AM ACST on September 13th and Finishing on the 14th at 10 AM. I’m a fairly slow reader but I have listed six books that I’ll try to read. Here are the Books I’ll be reading:

Anyone can Join in! I know it’s quite short notice, but Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in or planning on joining me for this read-a-thon. I’ll be updating my progress on Twitter, so make sure to follow me there and don’t forget to tag me in your post so I can see it. You can announce your intentions to participate on any of your social media. Also, If you’re planning on Participating, you can convert the Time to your Time Zone HERE. Will you be joining me in this Read-a-thon?

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4 Responses to 24 Hour Read-a-thon

  1. Nika says:

    I think I might join in, I’ve always wanted to participate in a 24 hour readathon but these are always on weekends and I can never do it. It would start at 2:30 am on Wednesday for me and I quite like that.

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  2. This sounds like an awesome idea! Good luck, the books look great!

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