30 Books in 30 Days Week 1 Update – September 2017

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Today is end of week 1, So it is time for an update on how I’m doing! It has been quite a busy week, I am really happy with my progress though. Also if you haven’t already, you can check out my Announcement post. I have really enjoyed a lot of the books that I’ve read so far. I have read five books, but I am a little behind.

Day 1 – Friday, September 1st

12:01 AM – I stayed up until 2:00 AM reading Soul Contract by Ping Zi, Which is a Chinese web Manhua. It has 61 chapters translated to English at the moment. I read 272 pages (20 Chapters) before I went to sleep.

1:00 PM – After waking up at 9:30 AM, I decided to continue reading World’s Collide, which I’d already started in August, and read 53 pages.

7:00 PM – I read a bit more of World’s Collide72 pages – I’m almost finished it and really enjoying it so far!

11:00 PM – I just finished reading World’s Collide, with another 32 pages, I enjoyed it a lot. Although, I actually think this would have to be my least favourite in The Land of stories series, I liked it a lot. I finished it while watching The Other Boleyn Girl on T.V, I read it through the Ads.

Pages Read Today:
– Soul Contract – 272

– World’s Collide – 157
429 pages
Total Pages Read:

# of Books Read:

Day 2 – Saturday, September 2nd

12:01 AM – Again I stayed up till 2:00 AM reading Soul Contract, I read another 216 pages (8 Chapters) before I went to sleep.

5:36 PM –  I haven’t read much today, because I went to The Royal Adelaide Show with my Mum. I woke up at 10:00 AM and didn’t have any time to read in the morning, but I did read 40 pages of Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief on the Train.

9:00 PM – I did finish reading Soul Contract with another 282 pages (21 chapters). I liked this a lot. I’d never read a Manhua before, so this was a lot of fun. Even though this is an ongoing series, I read all 61 chapters translated to English so far, so I’m going to count this as complete for this month.

11:00 PM – I read 10 pages of IT, I already started this one before as well, I’m almost 300 pages into it and I am starting to really get into it. I’m enjoying it more than what I thought I would. I’ve read Stephen King books before and I haven’t enjoyed them that much. I find that there really slow and they drag a lot. While I still have the same problems with this book, I’m enjoying it.

Pages Read Today:
– Soul Contract – 498
– Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief – 40
– IT – 10 

548 pages
Total Pages Read: 

# of Books Read:

Day 3 – Sunday, September 3rd

12:01 AM – I started reading Antisocial by Heidi Cullinan and read 20 pages before going to sleep at 2:00 AM.

8:20 PM – I read 38 pages of IT this afternoon, 30 pages of Stancliffe’s Hotel by Charlotte Bronte, I’m not sure I’m liking it and 26 pages of Antisocial, which I’m really enjoying so far.

11:50 PM – I didn’t get as much reading done today as I would have liked – partly because I had to go shopping for food with my Mum. One of our oddest traditions, and also one of the best things ever, is that of sandwich night. Sandwich night started years ago when I was young. My family began making sandwiches for dinner every Sunday night and we turned it into a tradition, along with the sandwiches, we also watch a movie. This week’s Movie was Fear Island. I did read 32 pages of One Piece Volume 28-30.

Pages Read Today:
– Antisocial – 46
– Stancliffe’s Hotel – 30
– IT – 38

One Piece Volume 28-30 – 32
146 pages
Total Pages Read:
# of Books Read:

Day 4 – Monday, September 4th

3:30 PM – I continued reading Antisocial and read 76 pages. I also read 26 pages of IT. I have found it extremely beneficial to have more than one book actively being read at a time, this way I can read both shorter and bigger books.

4:30 PM – I decided to reorganize my TBR bookshelf because I wasn’t really liking how it looked and I needed to make room for more books. It’s not my entire TBR, it’s a small bookcase, where I keep books that I plan to read within the year. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a bookshelf tour or Re-organizing my bookshelves.

10:00 PM – I read another 130 pages of Antisocial. I’m about halfway through. I do have some major issues with this book so far, but I am liking it. 

Pages Read Today:
– Antisocial – 206

– IT – 26
232 pages
Total Pages Read:

# of Books Read:

Day 5 – Tuesday, September 5th

10:00 AM – After waking up at 8:00 AM, I read 10 pages of Stancliffe’s Hotel. I’m finding this book quite boring. This is my first Brontë novel. The Brontë sisters have been on my TBR list for a while, but I haven’t read anything by them yet.

11:00 PM – I only read 10 pages today, which is really disappointing. I did not read as much as I wanted to today. I was planning on finishing Stancliffe’s Hotel, but I didn’t. I need to finish it tomorrow, though, if I want to stay kind of on track.

Pages Read Today:
– Stancliffe’s Hotel – 10
10 pages
Total Pages Read:

# of Books Read:

Day 6 – Wednesday, September 6th

12:30 AM – I read another 10 pages of Stancliffe’s Hotel before going to sleep at 1:30 AM.

5:30 PMI read a decent amount of Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief – 42 pages – and I am enjoying it! It’s such a fun story. I’m excited to finally be reading the Percy Jackson series. Although, I don’t like the writing style that much, it’s a really fun and easy read. And I read 37 pages of Antisocial.

6:20 PM – I read 20 pages of Stancliffe’s Hotel, I’m almost finished it and than I decided to continue The Lightning Thief and I read 18 pages.

11:40 PM – I finally finished reading Stancliffe’s hotel with 51 pages, while watching the Dirty Dancing Remake on T.V during the ads.

Pages Read Today:
– Antisocial – 37

– Stancliffe’s Hotel – 81
– Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief – 60
178 pages
Total Pages Read:

# of Books Read:

Day 7 – Thursday, September 7th

5:30 PM – I woke up at 9:40 AM and decided to continue One Piece Volume 28-30, I read 135 Pages. Then I picked up Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief and read 28 pages.

9:20 PM – I read another 315 pages of One Piece Volume 28-30. This is a lot of fun to read. Although, the  Skypeia storyline is my least favourite so far.

10:00 PM – I finished reading the last 75 pages of The Lightning Thief. This is a book that I’m struggling to rate because I liked it but also I felt a bit unimpressed with it.

11:30 PM – I Just finished One Piece Volume 28-30, with 144 pages. The Manga volumes are really good to read if I feel like I’m getting into a bit of reading Slump.

Pages Read Today:
– One Piece Volume 28-30 – 594

– Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief – 103
697 pages
Total Pages Read:

# of Books Read:

Books I’ve read so Far…

W32940857orld’s Collide by Chris Colfer

I thought this book was pretty good but this is my least favourite in the series. I’m not entirely sold on this book. Everything felt very rushed with little connection. It also felt like everything got resolved VERY quickly. There was a lot that was good about this. It just didn’t feel like long enough was spent resolving everything. I still enjoyed it, it’s just not my favourite in this series.

Soul Contract by pin35082522g Zi

This is a Chinese web manhua, so it was never actually published in print. Soul Contract in the first Manhua I’ve ever read. It’s a beautifully drawn Manhua with a deeper story from what you’d expect with its perfectly proportioned combination of sweet humour, action, art, and unexpected development. It is actually really good.

imagesStancliffe’s Hotel by Charlotte Bronte

I have to say, I really enjoyed Charlotte’s style and level of elegance. I say this a lot with the classics, but she just has that elegance in her words, descriptions and throughout her entire story telling, you don’t see anymore, hers is no exception. Although, I found it hard to concentrate on “Stancliffe’s Hotel” as it featured little to interest me. Apart from a few humorous lines of dialogue I was bored for the most part. Slightly disappointing even though I didn’t have high hopes. The story doesn’t really fit together well and is fairly disjointed.

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan 6676603

I feel like the story is a bit childish, which is appropriate considering it’s a middle grade series. The writing style didn’t appeal to me that much. I do have a feeling though that this is a series that will be get better as it goes and I’ve heard it get better. I did like the story line, the characters and the greek mythology though. I would still like to read the rest of the series, it was a lot of fun. Please Let me know in the Comments if you’ve read this series and If it gets better

aopOne Piece Manga Volume 28-30 by Eiichiro Oda

The first half or so is about the same as the previous omnibus, adequately entertaining but lacking in urgency. Like I said above, this would have to be my Least Favourite storyline in this series but it was still really fun to read.


Total Pages Read: 2,240

# of Books Read: 5

So that’s it for this update. I’ll have another Update post next week, so don’t forget to come back to see my progress.  Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought of them. Thank you for stopping by and I’ll be back next week with another update post!

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