#24in48 Read-a-thon – Update #4 – Hour 36

Only 12 hours left of the 24 in 48 read-a-thon! I read for a few hours before I went out to pick up a cupboard, the shop is closing down at the end of the month, I Put the Cupboard on hold from there and had to pick it up today. I already know I won’t make the goal of reading for 24 hours, even though I think I’ll get close.

I’m Currently reading You Know Me Well by Nina Lacour & David Levithan, 181 pages through. I’m hoping to finish this book today and also One Piece Volume 7-9, which I’m 379 pages into. Plus, I’ve got nearly 14 hours of reading done this weekend. Hoping to get five to seven more hours in, although It’s about 3:00am here.


And I’m also posting updates regularly on Twitter (HEREso go follow me and see what I’m reading as I’m reading it!

What are some books you’re reading? How many hours have you read so far? Tell me in the comments! I’ll be back later with another update, but until then, keep reading.

Also, let me know in the comments what you think of these Read-a-thon Updates. I participate in a lot of read-a-thons, so if you’d like to see more updates like this for other read-a-thons here on my blog, let me know!

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