TBR Jar Wednesday – June 2017 – An Author’s Odyssey by Chris Colfer Favourite Lines #TBRJW

TBR Jar Wednesday.jpgLast week I reviewed An Author’s Odyssey by Chris Colfer, Which you can read HERE, So this week I will be sharing my Favourite Lines from the book.

“No one ever stops being a student in the classroom of life”

“You choose to grow from tragedy – and it takes a very strong person to do that”  

“The Fairy-tale world has faced many troubling times in recent years, but never anything like this. It was the first time in history that happily ever after seemed impossible to regain.”

“Alex had only agreed to her brothers plan because their options were so limited. The closer they got to actually going through with it, the more doubtful she became. It was one thing to travel into the books of classic literature, but an entirely different endeavour to go into short stories written by her brother.”

Daylight, Thank Goodness,” the Cyborg Queen said. “I haven’t had a solar charge in weeks!”

“Quick Question,” she said. “Is this story based on anything that happened in real life? Anything that might have happened between us?”

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