Reducing your TBR | Part 2 | Discussion #6

As a book blogger, we all know this problem: buying books to no end, with even no intention of ever actually reading them. You’ll convince yourself that you’ll get to read those books eventually, but you never do. And suddenly your TBR is in the hundreds. So here are some more tips on how to keep your TBR down. Also check out Part 1 HERE if you haven’t already!

Tip #6: Re-Evaluate your TBR regularly

I joined Lia’s weekly meme called Down The TBR Hole, where the aim is to declutter you goodreads TBR by looking at a number of books a week (I do Ten) and decide whether they get to Keep or Remove from your TBR.

Cull your list of books to read. A TBR list of a thousand books can be overwhelming. That list is supposed to help you pick up books you’re looking forward to reading. Your TBR should be manageable enough that you are likely to read a book within two years of adding it.

Reading tastes change. Maybe you’ve binge-read so many mystery books, you never want to see them again. Remove them from your TBR list.

Tip #7: Reorganise your Shelves

Create a bookshelf only for unread books. In order to know what kind of problem we’re dealing with, you have to find out how big it actually is. By keeping your TBR together, you can keep track of how many books are on your TBR

There are so many different ways to organize a TBR pile: You could choose to Sort Books by Review Deadline or Publication Date, Oldest to newest, Genre, Author Year of publication, Length, page count, series, alphabetically by title, priority, by date purchased, by format, by retailer, etc.

Tip #8: Make a TBR Jar

I did this while back and even though I haven’t actually used it much, it’s still very helpful. I have decided to use my TBR Jar more, so I created a weekly meme called TBR Jar Wednesday. Consider writing a list of all of your books you want to read, cut them up into small strips, and then simply pick one out of the jar each time you’re looking for something new to dive into.

Tip #9: Don’t add entire series to your TBR

This is what I did when I first started using Goodreads to keep track the books I wanted to read. Why would you want to add all the books of a series to your TBR if you haven’t even read the first book yet? You don’t even know If your going to enjoy the first book, what if you end up hating it? So if you just add the first book, once you’ve read it and enjoyed it, you can add the next one! That way your TBR doesn’t seem as intimidating and more manageable. I recently decided to take all the sequels off my TBR!

Tip #10: Read-A-Thons & Reading Challenges

I’m sure a lot of you guys are doing the standard Goodreads challenge. But there are also lots of other great yearly challenges, which I highly recommend doing. Reading challenges will definitely help you get through your TBR faster.

So if you’re competitive like me, a reading challenge is the perfect way power through your Reading List. It can be as simple as challenging yourself to read an amount of books in a year or be as specific as reading a certain amount of sequels or books in a certain genre.

Read -a- thons are also a great way to reduce your TBR in a short period! There are a lot of great read-a-thons happening all the time.

Tip #11: Distraction Reads

I actually found out about this Tip from Mystical Musings’ Reading Tips: Big Books. So thank you for this very helpful tip. This one is more specific for Big Books but can be used for smaller books. The Idea of this is to start with a main book, and decide a page mark of how many pages you would like to read before you switch to your distraction read. Then pick another read for your distraction read. When you reach your page mark, you can then pick up your distraction book and read a bit from that, but then go back your main book. Once you’ve finished your main book, you can then move your distraction read up as  your main book and choose a distraction read for that. If you want to know more about it, I suggest you check out Helen’s post, she explains it a lot better and more in depths.

Tip #12: Don’t be afraid to DNF books

It sucks not to finish a book but what sucks even more is when you spend your time on a book you disliked. You aren’t going to love every book you read and it is OK to stop reading a book if you aren’t feeling it. I never used to DNF books, but I find myself more often DNF-in books that I’m not enjoying, in order to read books that I will enjoy more, that way I can read books faster instead of pushing through them. Or Some books I’m not really in the mood for,  so I put them aside for now to pick up at a later time, whenever I feel like reading them.

Wow! These posts were really long, so if you stuck around to the end, thank you. If you enjoyed this and found it helpful, let me know in the comments.

Do you use any of these? Did you find any of these helpful? How do you handle your TBR pile? Are you as overwhelmed as I am? Any tips to share? What are your tips on managing your TBR? What do you recommend? I’d love to discuss it in the comments.

Again, Thank you for sticking around through this extremely long post. Also, if you liked this post and would like to see more discussion posts or have any ideas for a discussion post you’d like to see me do, please let me know!

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