200 Followers + 25 Bookish Facts About Me Book Tag!


Today I managed to reach 200 Followers! I just wanted to say a huge thanks you to each and every one of you for deciding to follow my blog and take the time to read my Posts. I cannot believe I have reached 200 followers! I didn’t expect anyone to follow me at all, so Thank you for sticking with me and letting me share my love of reading with you all!

In celebration, I have decided to do the 25 bookish things about me tag. I’ve seen it around a ton and I thought it a good way of celebrating. So here we go.

  1. At any given moment, I have at least two books on me.
  2. One of my goals is to read more classics. I don’t read enough classics, so I want to broaden my Reading Horizons.
  3. Because my TBR is never ending and continually growing, I don’t re-read books.
  4. I’m able to read multiple books at one time and keep track of what plot belongs to what book, characters, setting, etc.
  5. I am an impulse book buyer. I have a book buying problem.
  6. You’ll know when I’ve loved a book because I become a walking advertisement for it. I do it in every aspect of my life, when I love something I learn everything about it and spout of random facts to anyone who will listen.
  7. Most of the books on my bookshelves are unread. And I still go and buy more books, and borrow books from the library
  8. I have an obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. I love to own different editions of his stories.
  9. I easily get distracted while reading. That is why I put my phone on silent or turn it off while I read and why I stay far, far away from my laptop. Even getting something to drink or to eat is dangerous because I will get distracted.
  10. I have a short attention when it comes to reading: I will start a book and then shortly after begin reading something else.
  11. Although I have tons of bookmarks, I end up using receipts as Book Markers. I basically make a bookmark out of everything that is flat and nearby (receipts, random paper, business cards, etc.)
  12. One of the most important things in a book for me is characters. Other things that define my rating for a book are writing style, the plot and word building. But honestly, If I really fall in love with the characters  and they have great character development, I can ignore flaws in the rest of the writing.
  13. It makes me really happy when I see other people reading on trains or buses. Especially when they’re reading a book I’ve read before.
  14. I don’t like dust jackets. If I’m reading a hardcover with a dust jacket, I have to take them of, because I just can’t read with them on. I’m also afraid that I will damage it 
  15. I love fairy tales and folklore and some of the first things I ever read as a child were folklore and fairy tales. My mum used to read them to me before bed before I even learnt to read.
  16. When I’m feeling down, I turn to buying books to cheer me up, which probably isn’t a very good thing. But I see no harm besides ending up with a lot books that I may never actually end up reading.
  17. I love reorganising my bookshelves. I organize and reorganize all of my books all the time. It’s basically my hobby. Especially when I feel stressed.
  18. I really enjoy writing reviews once I start writing them and they usually flow, but I have a really hard time getting myself to start writing a review.
  19. Book blogging made me read so many books outside of my comfort zone, and made my TBR explode.
  20. I use sticky flags to mark certain pages while I’m reading for reviews. I find that it makes reviewing a lot easier, so I can sort my thoughts out a little better.
  21. I can read everywhere. I can be in a train, in a coffee shop, waiting for an appointment or even in a class.
  22. I only started reading Harry Potter last year when I was already 17 years-old and I still have 3 books left to read.
  23. Big books intimidate me. If a book is 500+ pages, I’m several times more likely to procrastinate over reading it.
  24. I sometimes dream about books I’ve read.
  25. If you didn’t know it by now, but I read and really enjoy manga and anime as well. I will be mentioning manga in my blog, because they are a big part of my reading experience.

There you have it. 25 bookish facts about me. Thank you so much once again to all the people who follow me and read my posts and comment and talk to me, I appreciate it so much and I enjoy talking to you guys so much!

Okay, that was a lot of info…and I hope it wasn’t too boring. But how about you now all share one bookish fact about yourself in the comments?

For my 100 followers milestone post I did a Q&A and answered questions. So let’s do another Q&A since I’ve reached 200 followers! Comment below, and I’ll answer all of them in a separate post.

I’m also planning on doing more Discussion Posts, so if there are any topics you’d like me to talk about, let me know in the comments.

Thank again to everyone that has commented, liked, viewed my posts and followed me, it really does mean a lot! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ down below & follow me for more! 

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  1. Congratulations on 200 followers!!! ❤️🎊🎉🍾

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  2. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! You deserve all the followers you can get!❤️🎉🎉
    Here’s my question: Share your favourite meme or gif!

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