Monthly Recommendations | April 2017 | Big Books

Monthly recommendations is a Goodreads group hosted by Kayla Rayne and Trina @Between Chapters. If your interested in Participating in this, check out the Goodreads Group. The topic for April is Big Books (500+ pages). So I’m going to be talking about book recommendations that are over 500 Pages. Here are some of my favourite tomes:

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra

Image result for the mortal instruments books

This is one of my favourite series. I really love this series, there’s a beautiful fantasy world and a really interesting plot and is very fast paced. So here’s the page count of each of the books in the series:

  • City of Bones – 506 (Review)
  • City of Ashes – 453 (Review)
  • City of Glass – 541 (Review)
  • City of Fallen Angels – 424 (Review)
  • City of Lost Souls – 542 (Review)
  • City of Heavenly Fire – 733 (Review)

Tricks Duology by Ellen Hopkins

Image result for tricks and traffick

Tricks is a duology series following five protagonists. I honestly didn’t feel as though this needed a sequel, but I appreciated the focus on the aftermath and recovery of the teenagers. I love Ellen Hopkins. Every one of them is filled with so many feels. You cannot help but get lost in them and find yourself caring for the characters. So here’s the page count of each of the books in the series:

  • Tricks – 627
  • Traffick – 505

Impulse Duology by Ellen Hopkins

Image result for impulse and perfect ellen hopkinsImage result for impulse and perfect ellen hopkins

Impulse is a very short, but very powerful story. Ellen Hopkins is known for tackling those tough issues that are shocking to read about, but are particularly more disturbing when they are about such young people. Three characters lives intersect at a mental health facility, and at first the story is mostly about each one and how they landed there. The story soon shifts gears, and it becomes more about the bond these characters created. Ellen writes this book in verse, like several of her other books, which makes for quick reads. I find her writing to be excellent. So here’s the page count of each of the books in the series:

  • Impulse – 667
  • Perfect – 622

22844191Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

This one is actually my least favourite so far, but the first few books aren’t tomes – but Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is 617 pages – quite large for a “middle grade” novel.

Carry On by Rainbow RowellCarry On

I really enjoyed the story. It was short and to the point. Nothing complicated. Just a good fun story that can be read for the fun of it.

T15870399ilt by Ellen Hopkins

608 Pages (Review)

This book is told by three different teens; Shane, Mikayla, and Harley. This was the first book I ever read by Ellen Hopkins. Despite the size, it’s written in verse, so you can read this very quickly. The format of Tilt made it an easy book to get lost in. This one is, by far, my favourite Ellen Hopkins Book

The Enchantress Returns by Chris ColferThe Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories, #2)

517 Pages

The Enchantress Returns is the second book in The Land of Stories series. This one is technically the only one that qualifies for this list, but it’s still a good series. I adore this series, and I’m beyond excited for the six book, which will be the conclusion to the series.  So here’s the page count of each of the books in the series:

  • The Wishing Spell – 438
  • The Enchantress Returns – 517
  • A Grimm Warning – 448
  • Beyond the Kingdoms – 313
  • An Author’s Odyssey – 448
  • Worlds Collide – 480

Lady Midnight by Cassandra ClareLady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)

698 Pages (Review)

This was definitely one of the best YA books of 2016. The story was long, but actually wasn’t full of filler and I never once got bored. This book contains so many different themes, there are lots of love interests, family issues, and friendship themes running throughout. Connecting all the Shadowhunter chronicles together in each book in such a clever way is definitely one of Clare’s strongest points.

it-9781501156687_lgIT by Stephen King

  • 1499 Pages

I’m currently reading IT for the Tome Topple Read-a-thon, I won’t be able to finish by the end of the read-a-thon, but I’m definitely going to be continuing this afterwards. I’m still going to include this even though I haven’t finished reading it yet. I’ve never been much of a fan of Stephen king books, I’ve read two other ones, The shinning and Carrie and didn’t like them that much. They weren’t bad, I just think that maybe my expectations were too high. Although, this was the one that I was most looking forward to reading. So here it is, I’m finally reading it, one of the most haunting and popular horror books of our time. I was a reluctant to read this due to the 1477 pages, but I’m really enjoying it.

51enG888+VL._UY250_London by Edward Rutherfurd

1299 Pages

This has been on my radar and my shelf for a while, and finally decided to pick this up for Tome Topple. I also haven’t finished this one yet either, but it’s really interesting and Intriguing so far, I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the History of London.

London has perhaps the most remarkable history of any city in the world. This is a Historical Fiction novel that covers sixteen centuries from the days of the Romans to the Victorian engineers of Tower Bridge and the era dockland development of today. Edward Rutherfurd weaves in Fictional characters with real events and History.

Rutherford does an incredible amount of research and it all comes together beautifully. The characters’ family trees carry through the entire history of Britain – pre-Roman through WWII.

So these are my recommendations for big books. Big books tend to intimidate me, So I don’t read a lot of them. I’m interested to hear if you have any recommendations for me. What are some of your Favourite Big Books? Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think of them?

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  1. Yours was a really good rec list, HP 4 is one of my least favourites too.

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