It’s my Birthday | Discussion #3

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It`s my birthday today (March 21st). I turned 19. Even though it’s my birthday, I usually just treat this day as a normal day for me. It never really feels like my birthday.

My Mum took me to Bliss Organic Garden Café for lunch. I have been wanting to visit Bliss Organic Café for a while now.  I have walked past this café many times.  Today I finally made my way there. Bliss Organic Café is located in Compton Street, just off Gouger Street, a minute walk from Adelaide’s Central Market. It is located on a side street opposite the market.

On entering the café, there were pictures hung up on the walls, and many books on the shelves.  There was a front seating area, a more private section if you desire, and even an outdoor secret garden at the back.  We were welcomed by a friendly staff member.  If you love your organic produce, this is the place to be.

Whether you’re vegetarian/Vegan, Gluten Intolerant or Lactose Intolerant, they cater for everyone. Bliss Café is pretty much my dream come true. All organic, serves soy, rice, and Almond milk. This little place definitely caters for vegans and vegetarians but even non-vegans are likely to enjoy the menu choices.

Also, here is our attempt at a Rainbow Layer Cake. Considering this is the first year we’ve had to make a Gluten & Dairy free Cake, I think it turned out pretty well.


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6 Responses to It’s my Birthday | Discussion #3

  1. Hiba Ashfaq says:

    Happy Birthday! 💖

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  2. Happy Birthday!!!🎂🎈🎊 🎁 That actually looks like a lovely cake.

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  3. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    Happy, happy Birthday!! 🎉

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