What I’m Watching: Eyewitness

Eyewitness Sundays at 10/9C on the USA Network


Eyewitness, which premiered this October, is a ten episode series based off the Norwegian Øyevitne which follows the lives of Philip Shea (Tyler Young) and Lukas Waldenbeck (James Paxton) after they bear witness to a triple homicide in the small town of Tivoli, New York.

Eyewitness kicks off with Lukas and Philip tentatively going beyond being ‘just friends’, right before they’re interrupted by a bunch of gang members and witness a shooting. The case immediately takes off from there with the boys keeping their involvement a secret.

Philip is openly gay and Lukas is not. This poses a problem when the boys, who were making out in a secluded cabin. Lukas is fearful he’ll be found out while Philip is struggling to hide what he knows from his foster mom, who is the town sheriff.

Here’s a list of reasons as to why you should watch it.


eyewitness_cast_tyleryoung_1920x1080Philip Shea (Played by Tyler Young)
A gay NYC kid placed in foster care due to his mother suffering from a drug addiction gets a fresh start in a small town with his new foster mother, Helen. After witnessing a triple homicide, the two boys swear themselves to secrecy for fear of being outed.


Lukas Waldenbeck (Played by James Paxton)
The town’s rich kid who must live up to everyone’s expectations, but comes to the realisation that he would throw it all away for Philip.

eyewitness_cast_juliannenicholson_1920x1080Helen Torrance (Played by Julianne Nicholson)
A former city detective who left to become a small town sheriff. At first she comes off as untrusting and harsh, but there’s so much more to her than that.

eyewitness_cast_gilbellows_1920x1080Gabe Caldwell (Played by Gill Bellows)
Helen’s husband, a small town veterinarian whose compassion saved Helen from her self-destruction.

eyewitness_cast_warrenchristie_1920x1080Ryan Kane (Played by Warren Christie)
After committing a series of murders will do anything possible to cover up his tracks and escape detection.


Kamilah Davis (Played by Tattiawna Jones)
An FBI agent investigating the crime.

untitledTony Michaels (Played by Matt Murray)
A small-town cop who serves as Helen’s deputy, and the series’ comic relief.


You get to see more of the vulnerable side of each character, especially Philip, who had just moved from the city.

Amazing crime storyline. Drugs, triple murder, and a lot of plot-twists.

Lukas and Philip are so cute. I would be lying if I said I haven’t shed a few tears over their relationship.




Lucas’ and Philip’s developing relationship is a main storyline of the show and viewers are able to watch Lukas decide what is more important: his reputation at school, or his love for Philip.

Philip is a teenager placed into a foster family. It’s shown throughout the show how willing Helen and Gabe, are to learn how to care for Philip.

There is no queerbaiting, which is a tactic that TV shows and movies use to draw in queer audiences by using subtext and hinting at a queer romance without any intentions to ever follow through on it.

The relationships:

With such an interesting cast, it’s no wonder the relationships in Eyewitness are just as complex. While my favourite is the one between Philip and Lukas, Helen and Gabe’s relationship is quite good too. The most interesting thing about these characters is the decidedly not perfect way they’re portrayed. My favourite thing is the relationships between the characters.

Eyewitness premieres every Sunday night on USA Network at 10/9 p.m. central time. I highly suggest you watch it; the actors and actresses are phenomenal, and you can tell they put a lot hard work into what they’ve done.

It really is a good show, and it has great LGBTQ representation. Shows like these don’t usually appeal to me most of the time, Although Eyewitness on the other hand piqued my interest.

If you want to start watching but don’t know where to watch, here is a link to the USA website, where they have all the current episodes for free. If you live outside of the USA you can get it on iTunes/Amazon or any of these traceable devices.


Have you watched Eyewitness? Are you planning to? Let me know!

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