Okay, so it’s been about two and a half months of my blogging days and I have earned 100 followers, I’m absolutely thrilled. I wasn’t sure how this book blogging thing would go when I first started but here I am. Thank you guys for following me and liking my posts and commenting. It means a lot.

I can’t thank you all enough. It takes time and patience for everyone to read these posts and I thank you for doing that. I am so excited. I have always loved writing and reading but I didn’t know if I was cut out for the blogging community at first. Either way I love it too much to ever stop.

So let’s do a Q&A since I’ve reached 100 followers! Comment below, and I’ll answer all of them in a separate post.

Thank again to everyone that has commented, liked, viewed my posts and followed me, it really does mean a lot!

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6 Responses to 100 Followers!

  1. Congrats!! My question is: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a newbie blogger?

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  2. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    Congratulations!! My question is: How do you feel that you’ve grown as a blogger since you first started blogging?

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  3. Congrats! Here’s to many more❤️🎉

    Here’s my question: Have you ever read a book that completely changed your view of life?

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  4. Girl Who Reads says:

    Congratulations & I hope that you get many more!
    My question: What would you say you succeed at most as a blogger?

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  5. Yay that’s so good, congrats!
    Question: Why did you name your blog what you did?

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  6. Transhaan says:

    Congratulation!! 😀 Here’s to many many more! Always awesome to see the love you get from your followers (whether expressed through words or through numbers) 😀 Question: What do you love most about blogging?

    – Lashaan

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