Pros & Cons of Re-reading books | Discussion #1

There is a ridiculous number of books in the world. There is a vast number of good books in the world. The truth is, we’ll never have time to get through them all because new books are forever getting published – it would be incredibly hard to keep up – or read all the existing books in the first place. This discussion will be about whether re-reading books is a good thing or not. Enjoy!



~ You tend to notice all the little things you didn’t before. In some books you see things you didn’t notice before. And that makes it new and exciting in a different way!

~ If you remember the ending, you will see the red-herrings and the way the whole book works.

~ You May Like It More. Sometimes you want to give a book a second chance because it’s popular or just because you feel like it had more potential. The result may be that you love it even more because you know what to expect.

~ If you read the book when you were a child, it is nice to reminisce on those times and about what books you enjoyed.

~ Your perspective on the story might change as your personality sort of grows and changes slightly

~ It’s fun! It’s always fun to return to those worlds and characters you love so much.
~ Nobody catches everything in a book the first time. A second attempt allows you to find things that you missed before or didn’t quite appreciate the first time.

~ You get to see things in a new perspective. Once you know what’s going to happen and really know the characters, their feelings, their motivations, etc., you get to see all the events and actions in the story in a completely new perspective.



~ It takes time away from new books. And let’s face it, we all have more books on our TBRs than time to read them. But of course we want to read as many as possible!

~ There’s no suspense or surprise factor. You already know what’s going to happen, and that does make the book lose something. A reread is never quite the same as the first time.

~ You might be disappointed. Our experiences changes us, and, over time, our taste in books might change. It can be disappointing to reread a book you once loved and find it lacking or even to struggle to get through it.

~ You could be reading a new book and learning different things rather than going back over something you’ve already read.



Personally, I see no harm in re-reading books. Recently I’ve had a conversation with a couple different people about re-reading books. It seems that there are some people who are avid re-readers. Re-reading is a foreign world for me. I don’t re-read books, so I’m not an expert on this topic.


Thank you for reading this discussion. Now I’m really interested in what you think.

Do you reread books? What do you like and dislike about rereading? How many times could you re-read a book? How long do you wait before picking it up again? What is the most amount of times you’ve read a book? Or is re-reading books a waste of time?

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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13 Responses to Pros & Cons of Re-reading books | Discussion #1

  1. I’ve always been a rereader. People have asked me “Why?” a million times, but I just love going back to the books I love. I do have a few unread books on my shelf, but those I have read, I usually have read more than once.

    My most re-read book has to be Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I don’t think I exaggerate if I say 10-20 times (and in three languages). And I’m thinking about rereading it again 😀 There can never be too many rereads of Harry Potter

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  2. acedimski says:

    I’m not a rereader and that’s because I need my time for new books.
    I’ve reread once my childhood favorites, but that was because a new book of this series came out and I had to remind myself of the previous story lines! I mean, I guess rereading makes fun, and there are some books I’d like to reread but never do, because I’m afraid that I won’t like it that much anymore….

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  3. I’m a rereader, but it has to be a book that I love. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a book that I first read when I was 15 (back in the 80s) and j reread it at least every couple of years. The same for my favourite Discworld books and the original Sherlock Holmes stories. I will probably continue to revisit these for as long as I live.

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  4. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    Honestly, I’ve only reread a couple books and that was forever ago. I don’t ever reread books anymore because there are just so many new books I want to read. But I don’t see anything at all wrong with rereading. You are supposed to read to make you happy, because you enjoy it. So if a person finds a book that they loved reading and it makes them happy, and they want to reread it to experience that happiness again, then GO FOR IT!! I’m starting to change my perspective on rereads and hopefully I will be doing my first reread in a very long time soon. Harry Potter! 😊

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  5. Loreen says:

    I’m a huge fan of rereading books. I find it to be comforting to my soul. And I do find, if its a well written book, that I learn new things every time I reread it.

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    • I only usually reread if I’m in a reading slump. I have so many books on my TBR, there’s just not enough time to reread. But If I’m in a reading slump, I’m not getting any extra reading done anyway. So Rereading old favourites can help me get out of reading slumps and remind me why I love reading so much.


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