eARC Review: The Shock of Survival by Nicole Field

The Shock of Survival by Nicole Field
Published by: Less Than Three Press
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQI+
Format: E-Book
Pages: 99
Rating: 4
Date Read: 30/11/16
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Netgalley | Publisher | Smashwords

In the wake of the final battle against The Oppressor, Benedict, Ophelia and Dylan face their magical community in triumph. But that triumph rapidly loses its shine as they realise the war is not so easily left behind. Returning to, and relearning, the lives they had before proves to be more difficult than even they had anticipated.

I received a copy of The Shock of Survival  from Netgalley for Review Consideration. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

I enjoyed The Shock of Survival. The premise of the book is simple enough: Three heroes – Ophelia Grey, Benedict Whitford and Dylan Hargrove – try to return to their lives after defeating The Oppressor. This book has a brilliant concept. From the very first page, this book had me enthralled. The story was captivating. This book had my attention right up until the end.

Just like their mundane human counterparts, magicians looked down on those who were different. Magicians touched with the nature of their elemental animals  were seen as less – less powerful, less likely to end up in important positions, just less.

I liked that this book wasn’t just focused on a romance, the story had other focus’ as well. The romance never took away from the story but instead just added another layer of depth.

I also really liked the characters, and the development put into each of them. They’re all distinct and unique and have their own personalities. I also enjoyed the setting of this book, I haven’t read many books set in Scotland. This is set in Inverness, which is a city in Scotland.

The writing is very simple, but the emotional aspect was definitely there. The writing could maybe have been done with a bit more showing and a bit less telling, but most of the characters felt realistic, and I really enjoyed the different kinds of relationships they developed with each other.

The story reveals many aspects of the fight against The Oppressor, but doesn’t dwell on The Oppressor. We get a few glimpses of character development told in flashbacks. The relationships between the trio before and after the battle with The Oppressor are well done.

Overall I enjoyed this book, It’s a quick, easy read. The Shock of Survival is a really short and easy read that gets your attention from the get go. Definitely an interesting read, and I found myself absolutely loving every aspect of it. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Fantasy or Urban Fantasy genre. Or if your looking for a quick, light LGBT read, with a great storyline, I highly recommend reading this.

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