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The Entertainer Blogger Award


Thank you so much to Cassiopeia’s Moon for nominating me for The Entertainer Blogger Award. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to check out her blog.

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Add these rules to your post.

Answer all the questions below.

Display the award picture in your post.

Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!

Why did you start a blog in the first place?

I wanted to make a blog where I can talk about books and to interact with fellow readers and bookworms, since I don’t know many in real life. I’ve always enjoyed reading and when I got older I thought of starting a blog to share my thoughts with others. Since I was really passionate about books I thought it would be fun to blog about what I’m reading and connect with other readers.

What is your favorite book?

This is a really difficult question, and one that I get asked a lot. I have lots of books that I really loved but here are a few of my top favorites: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, & Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black, Tilt by Ellen Hopkins, Tales from the Kingdom by Sarah Pinborough, & The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer.

What do you dislike the most?

As this is a book blog, I’m going to stick to bookish dislikes here. I dislike insta-love in a book, horribly written love triangles, an inconsistent plot.

What is your favourite food item from the mall?

I live in Australia, so we don’t really have malls here. Well, since I’m Gluten Intolerant, Lactose Intolerant, & Vegan it is quite impossible for me to find food that I can eat, so basically anything I can eat. I always get quite excited when I find Gluten Free foods.

What is your favourite past time?

Other than reading I also love Watching Movies, Sewing & spending time with Family.

I Nominate:

I Wuv Books
The Book Canary
Girl Who Reads
Rant and Rave about Books
Eve Messenger’s Otherwordly Endeavors
The Belgian Reviewer
Bookish Things and Tea
  Twin Tales
Lair of Books
Kristin Rose Reads

13 thoughts on “The Entertainer Blogger Award

  1. Oh my I don’t know what’s worse, having no malls (really ?!) or having not one but two food intolerances. Kudos for being a vegan too! I really hate all of your book pet peeves too, but there are bound to be more so I’ll try to think of some new ones to add. Thanks for the nomination!

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