Review: The Last Girl by Michael Adams

18338816The Last Girl by Michael Adams
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Publication Date: October 1st, 2013
Series: The Last Trilogy, #1
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Format: Paperback
Pages: 359
Rating: 5
Date Read: 18/02/2014
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The end of the world happens in the blink of an eye.

When The Snap sweeps the globe, everyone can instantly hear everything that everyone else is thinking. As secrets and lies are laid bare, suburbs and cities explode into insanity and violence. What might have been an evolutionary leap instead initiates the apocalypse.

Sixteen-year-old Danby Armstrong’s telepathy works very differently. She can tune into other people but they can’t tune into her. With only this slender defence, Danby must protect her little brother and reach the safety of her mother’s mountain retreat. But it’s 100 kilometres away and the highways are blocked by thousands of cars and surrounded by millions of people coming apart at the psychic seams.

Danby’s escape is made even more dangerous by another cataclysm that threatens humanity’s extinction. And her ability to survive this new world will be tested by a charismatic young man whose power to save lives may be worse than death itself.

Danby is a teenager who has battled with ‘voices’ all her life, yet for some reason she alone can keep her thoughts to herself effectively making her invisible in a world that can suddenly see and hear everything. In a desperate act of survival she must try to get from the recently ruined city to the hopeful safety mother’s off-the-grid hideaway in the Blue Mountains.

The start of the book was difficult to get through, with many jilted sentences and skipping of events that makes it difficult to follow. I’m glad I stuck through it however because there were some deep exploration of issues as to where our world is heading.

More often than not, dystopian tell us of the post-apocalyptic world that has happened as a result of a ground zero event. The Last Girl takes us through the apocalypse as it is happening, planes crashing, people committing suicide and going insane – a fascinating and disturbing view of the world’s end. Instead of zombies consuming the world, aliens invading or a disaster, everyone’s minds simply shutting down was an interesting way to approach the apocalypse.

The characters were relatable to me, with a real Australian feel about them that I could appreciate. Sometimes I had to remind myself that Danby is only 16 years old, because as smart and wise as she is for her age, sometimes she just made some silly decisions, like trusting people that maybe she shouldn’t be trusting or leaving her brother alone at times.

In particular, I adored Nathan, the young doctor in training she meets. Nathan is similar to Danby – they can hear everyone else’s thoughts, but no one can hear theirs. You can’t help but become a little bit attached to Nathan, since he proves he is trustworthy and really just wants to help people.

A wild and creative written book, with many twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

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