Review: Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

2865027Naomi and Ely’s no Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Published by:
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, LGBTQIA+
Format: Paperback
Pages: 230
Rating: 3
Date Read: 03/06/2015

Naomi and Ely have been inseparable since childhood—partially because they’ve grown up across the hall from each other in the same Manhattan apartment building, and also because they’re best friends. Soul mates. Or are they? Just to be safe, they’ve created a NO KISS LIST—their list of people who are absolutely off-kissing-limits for both of them. The NO KISS LIST protects their friendship and ensures that nothing will rock the foundation of Naomi and Ely: the institution.

Until Ely kisses Naomi’s boyfriend. And a fateful piece of gum in the wrong place at the wrong time changes everything.

Soon a rift of universal proportions threatens to destroy their friendship, and it remains to be seen whether Naomi and Ely can find their way toward new soul-mate prospects… and back to one another.

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan have written a love story about love of all kinds, one that reminds us that any great friendship can be as confusing, treacherous, inspiring, and wonderful as any great romance.

This is a book about friendship and family and love. Ely & Naomi’s friendship is really cool. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand Naomi. I couldn’t quite get behind her complete and total delusion in thinking that she was going to grow up and marry her gay best friend.

These characters had no appeal to me whatsoever. I hated most of them. Most especially, Naomi. I could not relate to her character at all. She is, possibily, the whiniest characters I have ever read. She only thinks about herself and not the people around her.

I liked Ely more than Naomi, and he really grew on me as the book progressed. My biggest problem with her is even though it was supposed to be that she has this big revelation towards the end and she’s grown so much, I never felt like she grew or changed at all. Ely went through a lot of character growth and change throughout the book and it felt so much more real. But, I felt the characters were shallow and inconsistent

The minor characters were actually a bit more fun to read about. Its told in various POVs. Some POVs are fun. Some are pointless. I liked Bruce the Second’s POV. How he is slowly realizing what his preference really is and dealing with his feelings. I liked that.

I did enjoy the book for the most part. One thing that I really appreciated was that the subject matter dealt a lot with the break-up of a close friendship.

“We always see our worst selves. Our most vulnerable selves. We need someone else to get close enough to tell us we’re wrong. Someone we trust.”

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5 Responses to Review: Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

  1. Girl Who Reads says:

    Great review, I’ve seen the film, and I must admit: it seems that it’s a lot better than the book. Naomi is still a little whiny, but I thinker progression is much more obvious in the film?

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