The Bookish Book Lover Tag

This tag was created by Shantelle Shantellemaryh. It looked like so much fun that I just couldn’t pass it up. If you know me, you know that I have a borderline unhealthy love for reading and books, so this tag is right down my alley.


What book are you Currently Reading?
I’m Currently Reading The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m also reading The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket.

What’s the Last book you Finished?
I Just finished reading The Knife of Never Letting Go. This is the First book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy.


Favourite Book You Read this year?

                                 25494343   cover_ravenboys_300

What genre have you read most this Year?
Fantasy, but I’ve also been reading a lot of contemporary this year.

What Genre have you read least this Year?
Romance is the one I’ve read the least this year, or Historical Fiction.

What Genre do you want to read more of?
Historical Fiction, Honestly, it’s one of my favourite genres. I have a few on my TBR, and I want to get to them soon. I’d also like to read more Classics.

How Many Books have you read this year, and What’s your Goal?
So far I have read 77 books this year. My initial goal was to read 60 books but then I changed it to 100.

What’s the Last book you Bought?
The Last books I bought were Anne of Green Gables Bind-up Edition, The First five books in The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix, and The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda.


What Book are you saving up the Buy?
The Summer in you and Stardust & Sheets by Saiber.

How many books did you last check out Last library visit?
I went to the Library about a week ago, and checked out six books.

What’s a Book you can’t wait to read?

What’s A Series you’d Recommend to Everyone?

What’s an Author you’re hoping writes more?

A Few books your Heart adores?

What series’ Coming Conclusion Makes you sad?
As of right now I can’t think of any, right now I’m either reading series that have already finished, or standalones.

What books are on your Wishlist?bronte-shelfie.jpg

This was so much fun! I tag anybody who wants to do it. Just use the banner, answer the questions, and use lots of book covers. Please feel free to do the tag if you want to.

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